Dream come true

I am the founder of an online platform "Brands&Charity". Our mission is to give people the possibility to be more conscious to manage their resources wisely, we promote sustainable approach in the consumption. So, we provide an online instrument for  resell branded clothes and accessories. At that each user of our platform has the possibility to donate any part from resold goods to charity purposes. All donations go directly to the charity fund which you choose from the list.

To implement our web project it was necessary to create a convenient and functional service for resale, which can solve the following tasks:
- The ability to buy and sell branded items, accessories and design items in a good condition
- Provide a wide range of quality products tested by experts
- Provide a simple and user-friendly interface for placing ads
- Guarantee the privacy of all users
- An opportunity to purchase branded goods at an affordable price from anywhere in the Russian Federation
- Provide users with an intuitive interface for direct charity donations.

In the beginning, we were looking for a contractor to develop a web project on the Internet. First, we studied the cases on the developer sites and looked at examples of completed projects. After that, I left a request and a sales specialist contacted me, who clarified my request. So then we set up an online-conference which was attended by the developer's CTO, PM and CBDO. The team prepared the project development estimate for the conference and we discussed all the details, stages of work, the payment format and the specifics of working with the current company.

The decision to cooperate with ITProfit was made because in comparison with all competitors, they studied the project in the most detail, told us about all the features of the work so I had a clear understanding of how we would work.

The following team developed our project:
Business Analyst
Web Designer
Backend Developer
Project Manager
Quality Assurance Engineer
Chief Technology Officer (supervisor).

Due to the availability of branded goods on the site, we paid a lot of attention to the design. I wanted the site to be light, stylish and user-friendly, and to meet modern trends. At the first stage, the developers conducted a business analysis and prepared terms of reference. The team created design layouts in the FIGMA service, which allows me to track all the navigation and most importantly, the layouts were in three formats and you could immediately see how the site would look on your desktop, mobile phone, and tablet. During the coordination of the design work, we held conferences with the project manager, where we made edits and agreed on each individual web page

After the design, the team started programming work. For us, it was very important that the user could donate the proceeds from the sale to charitable foundations. For this purpose, we set up acquiring in this way so that the funds were distributed automatically without the participation of the site administrator.

The final stage was the testing process.

To date, preparatory work is underway to promote the site, after which it will be possible to assess the impact of the site on the business. However, it is obvious that it is unrealistic to realize sales in our sphere without a site.

During the development process, the project manager and I communicated in messengers. We also held a significant number of conferences where we discussed all the details of the project. It was very convenient, when showing the screen we got all the answers to the questions.

I can describe the work of the development team in only two words - efficiency and professionalism. All our requests and wishes were fully resolved, and even if our wishes deviated from the original terms of reference, we still achieved the desired result. I also liked the fact that if we wanted to adjust the mechanics or make some edits that were impractical, the team told us about the negative consequences and always offered an alternative solution.

I am going to prolong my cooperation with ITProfit also in the field of SEO nd SMM Digital Promotion.